Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chains and more Chains!

Since I began to make chains, I've had a huge response to them. I've seen them done here and there in other pose shops but I wanted to take it to a different level. I wanted to make elaborate designs to compliment a pose. It started out with a single pose and it grew from there. My PR came to me with the idea a long time ago and she had no idea what she started! I loved the idea and she kept the reference photos coming. I made several more and customers wanted more. So for the upcoming Festival of Sin, I have made a few more. I did a sequel to my popular Femme Fatal but this time added chains! All my chains are worn and transferable. I had one reference photo in my stash for a very long time and it's finally done! I had the chastity belt, collar and chest piece made for it. I made some simple lingerie for it to make it easy and added a key on a necklace. The chains are made to be more of an artistic feel and do not go all the way around the avie. It's meant to be shot straight on but I'm sure there can be some great ideas for this. I'm very excited to finally get it done! All parts are Trans so you can pass them to a model or client. I try to make my poses photographer friendly.

The other chain pose was a client idea and I loved it. It comes with the collar and chains. The chain falls down the back to only cascade over the butt. There are chains that go around the wrists but are not in the photo. I hope to replace the photo to show all the chains. Time constraints and SL issues were preventing them from showing.

I was assigned the Sin, Wrath for the Festival. When I think of Wrath, I think of inflicted pain. I made a pose that has a chain blindfold with bloody eyes. There are also chains that go around the wrists. I wanted to portray inflicted pain and I hope you like what I came up with. Please stop by and take a look!

So, stop by the Festival of Sin that is coming up and take a peek. Most of the poses will be available in the mainstore.

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