Monday, February 20, 2012

Festival of Sin

Welcome all those sinners! This Festival is the place to be right now. I've had the pleasure of being able to walk through it all and I loved what I saw. The build is fun and the stores are great! Each store has a exclusive item and I have yet to see a bad one. They all look great. Be sure to stop by Captivity while there and check out a few of the poses that I have only available there! The rest can be found in the mainstore. It seemed like everyone headed for Lust or Vanity at the Festival but let me tell you, I loved Gluttony the best! The creativeness of the designers were awesome. You can find me in Wrath which is right next to Gluttony. So stop by my store and then head around the corner to all the wonderful food stuffs! So here are some of the poses to be found there!

(only at the Festival of Sin)

Art by Kissez4u Gossipgirl and Aspen Huntress

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